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Senior Algorithm / Machine Learning Engineer
Collected at 25 hertz, 24/7, from hundreds of thousands of users all over the world, UP’s data is meaningful at many scales: fractions of seconds to decipher patterns in movement and sleep; minutes and hours to construct the events that make up a user's day; weeks and months to describe the habits of individuals, communities and the world. UP data is a massive and incredibly rich source of potentially predictive information.  The algorithms team is tasked with applying machine learning and statistical analysis techniques to construct predictive models using that amazingly rich (and ever growing) source of data.

Core Responsibilities:
Given a predictive modeling problem and a set of business constraints, select the most appropriate machine learning technique to apply to the problem
Design and implement libraries of predictive features for a variety of machine learning tasks
Develop tools and methodologies for identifying an optimal set of predictive features subject to a variety of memory and CPU constraints
Work with business owners to map business requirements into technical solutions
Perform ad hoc statistical, data mining, and machine learning analyses

Experience with a high-level statistical modeling tool such as R or Matlab
Solid understand of the theory and practice of machine learning algorithms, including deep learning and ensemble techniques
Strong software development skills in Python or C
Experience developing and implementing predictive models in a product development environment
Experience with statistical error estimation techniques such as cross-validation and the bootstrap

Additional Desired Skills and Qualifications:
M.S. in statistics, electrical engineering, or computer science (Ph.D. strongly preferred)
Minimum of five years experience applying machine learning techniques to real business problems
High intellect and ability to solve extremely challenging predictive modeling problems applied to a variety of different domains
Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
Motivated by continuous learning and development, dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions
Excellent interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills


San Francisco, CA, United States
San Francisco, CA, United States
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